Ducky One 3 TKL - Silent Red Switch Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard - Mist Grey

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Brand : Ducky Channel
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    • True PBT Double-Shot Keycaps : Stain resistant keycaps with a frosted surface to embrace all challenges head-on

    • Solid Stance : Designed with perfecting weight distribution and center of gravity in mind to enhance stability and precision.

    • Authentic Accoustics : Reduces undesired sounds, immerse yourself in the raw acoustics of genuine switches.

    • Balanced Tuning : Stabilizers fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience where the user and keyboard become one.

    Ducky One 3 TKL - Silent Red Switch Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard - Mist Grey

    One 3 TKL Mist Grey

    One 3 TKL Mist Grey equipped with "QUACK Mechanics" to experience an extraordinary typing feel.

    QUACK Mechanics


    QUACK Mechanics uses only the finest materials, our keycaps are made from true PBT. The seamless legends are formed through a double-shot technique where two plastics are molded together, allowing legends to never fade away even after multiple years of use. Finished with a frosted surface, and these keycaps are shine and stain-resistant, made for fast movements and non-stop use, all while maintaining their original look.

    Optimized Construction

    The weight distribution and lowered case height improve the keyboard’s overall stability and poise during the most rigorous of moments. Its front-to-back weight ratio is meticulously engineered to keep the keyboard in one unwavering position, essential for advanced gaming and typing.

    Authentic Acoustics

    A multi-layered padding design is present to spotlight raw acoustics from your switches of choice and reduce unwanted noise during use.
    Moreover, a supplementary layer of EVA foam pad is located underneath the PCB to provide further improved sound reduction and the negation of any unwanted sounds.


    Detachable USB Type-C

    We use USB HID with the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate, meaning the keyboard is sending its input signal(s) to your PC 1000 times per second.

    Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

    All standard Ducky One 3 mechanical keyboards are hot-swappable and feature Kailh’s hot-swap sockets. Colored in vibrant yellow, Kailh sockets are chosen for their impressive reliability.

    Users can simply mount switches into place and pull out without going through the trouble of desoldering switches, making it the most efficient option to enjoy a wide range of mechanical switches.


    Dual-layer PCB

    Longer life expectancy & signal stability
    Handle any number of simultaneous key presses with the option of N-key or 6-Key Rollover

    Sleek bezel design

    The keyboard features a sleek bezel design to match all varieties of keycap colorways.


    Diversified RGB light effects

    With fully customizable hardware


    • Product Number : DKON2187ST-SUSPDMIWHHC2

    • Form Factor : Tenkeyless

    • Key Switch Type : Silent Red

    • Structure : Mechanical structure

    • Trigger switch : Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron

    • LED : No

    • Connection interface : USB 2.0

    • Keycap material : PBT

    • Output key number : USB N-Key Rollover

    • Printing technology : Double-shot

    • Dimensions : 370x140x40mm

    • Weight : 908g