ELGATO Game Capture Neo - White

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Brand : Elgato
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    • Compact and powerful: Easily set up your gaming experience with premium Elgato Capture hardware, no larger than a smartphone, connecting your console, gaming screen, and computer or iPad effortlessly

    • Seamless integration: Enjoy super compatibility with the ability to capture gameplay from PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or any console, coupled with zero limitations such as no time constraints, watermarks, or subscriptions

    • High-definition gaming experience: Benefit from 4K60 HDR passthrough without compromising console resolution, while simultaneously capturing or streaming breathtaking Full HD content at 1080p60 resolution

    • Effortless performance: Experience ultra-low latency gaming sessions without any lag while enjoying the flexibility to use a variety of applications including Elgato capture software, QuickTime, OBS Studio, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom

    • Climate-Friendly Commitment: The Neo Line was crafted sustainably and is packaged with zero plastic, embodying our dedication to environmental sustainability

    ELGATO Game Capture Neo - White

    Introducing Game Capture Neo, a powerful device that turns you into a creator. It connects your console to your gaming screen and laptop or iPad, so you can record or stream like a pro. Plus it works with any app, so you can start right away.

    Step into the realm of content creation and play your heart out. With this mighty companion by your side, nothing can stop you from creating engaging experiences, building a community, and sharing your journey with the world.

    Capturing gameplay has never been this simple.


    Connect your gear and select Game Capture Neo in your favorite app. That's it, you're ready to capture your boss battles without having to fiddle with settings.

    Play and capture on iPad.

    Keep your setup minimal and play through your video recording app—no gaming screen necessary. Just connect your iPad using a third-party USB-C cable or adapter.

    Pure gameplay.

    You won’t need to reduce your console resolution or worry about latency. Game Capture Neo lets you play the latest titles in all their graphic glory, without lag—up to 4K60 HDR!

    Full HD content.

    Share high-quality content that stands out. Your gameplay will be captured in 1080p60 resolution, perfect for streaming or uploading to Twitch and YouTube.

    Unlimited sharing.

    Capture everything you see and hear—gameplay, cutscenes, soundtrack—without watermarks or time limits. Record directly to your hard drive, livestream to your favorite platform, and even share on Discord or TikTok.

    Iconic tech, good looks too.

    Clean and unassuming, Game Capture Neo almost disappears on a desk. And yet, it packs the same tech that has empowered creators everywhere.

    Go even further.

    As your needs grow, Game Capture Neo has so much more to offer.


    • Input : HDMI (unencrypted)

    • Passthrough : Up to 4K60 HDR

    • Dimension : 123 x 65 x 20 mm / 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.8 in

    • Output : HDMI (lag-free passthrough)

    • Recording resolution : Up to 1080p60

    • Weight : 90 g / 3.2 oz